Company profile

Corporate name            OOTAFLAG Corporation

Head office                     2-33, Funai-machi 1-Chome, Oita-Shi, Oita, 870-0021, Japan

Founded                         AD 1866 ( Keio 2, Edo Era)

Founder                          Tatsugo Oota

Founded Place                Higashikubaru  Sakanoichi, Oita-Shi

Establishment                June, 1968

Capital                            JP\30,000,000

Number of Employees   167 persons ( as at Oct. 2013 )

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Prosperity for Society, Employee and Company

Dye profoundly into the depth   Out of dyeing venture to the new sky


Business Activity

We are Planning, Developing, Manufacturing and Selling:

Products made by Japanese traditional dyeing skills which we are always continuing and improving

Products of original design made by high quality technique of dyeing and sewing

Merchandise which support all the activities of companies, shopps and works, sales promotion, events, daily life and more



School and Company flags, Anzenki-flag (Safety flag), Tairyo-bata flag(Traditional fisherman’s flag), Championship flag,
Club and association flag, National and foreign flags, Ceremony flags, Triangular Pennant, Big flag and more

Nobori flag, Small Nobori, Hono-Nobori for shrine and temples, Sumo Nobori, Sekku Nobori, Hanten jacket for events,
Hanten jackets for Matsuri(Japanese traditional fair), Hanten jackets for Yosakoi dance, Long Hanten jackets, Yukata wear, 

Noren curtain for entrance, Noren curtain for shopps and public bath 

Wide banner, Long banner, Sunshade banner, Hono-banner, Banner for shrines, Yojyo-banner,
Traditional red and white banner, Tapestry, Banners, Pennants

T-shirts, Blouson, Polo shirts, Sweat shirts, Work wear, Uniform wear, Cap, Apron, Armband, Sash, Bandanna,
Athletes’ bibs, Furoshiki cloth, Hachimaki headband, Zabuton cushion and cover, Safety vest, Articles for road safety,
Articles for election campaign, Signboard, Chouchin lantern, Seals & Stickers, Company badge, Badges, Plaque,
Champion cup, Trophy, Pocket Tissues, Uchiwa fan, Calendar, Toweles, Tenugui hand towel, Homaekake apron,
Tent, Ecoota brand merchandise, Sashiko products, Event decoration, Shop decoration and more



1866            Founded at Sakanoichi, Oita-Shi as Oota dyeing factory

Oct. 1935    Moved to Funai-machi, Oita-shi ( the present place of our head office)

                    5th inheritor Shuzou Oota opened a flag shop named Oota Hatamise

Jun. 1968    Reorganaized to OOTAFLAG Corporation

Dec. 1973    Built headoffice and multistoried parking building of 30 cars capacity

Dec. 1977    Completed Atelier 1 in Nishishinchi, Oita-shi

                     Moved Design and Manufacturing Dept and later Sales Dept.

Feb. 1981    Completed Atelier 2 in Nishishinchi and moved Hand Dyeing Dept.

Jul. 1990    Opened Fukuoka Branch at Chuo-ku, Fukuoka-shi

Jul. 1994    Built Hand & Auto Print factory “Happy Screen” in Hagiwara, Oita-shi

                    Opened Tokyo Branch in Takadanobaba, Tokyo

Feb.1999     Built Sewing factory “Happy Sewing”

May 2000    Opened Inkjet factory “ O to One “

Dec. 2000   Expand “Happy screen” and realized an integrated system from platemaking to printing

Apr. 2003    O to One Inkjet Dept. united with Design Dept.

Oct. 2004    Moved Fukuoka Branch to Hakata-ekimae, Fukuoka-shi

Nov. 2005    Built IJ factory “Happy Digital”

Jul. 2007     Established Group Company “Sign”

Nov. 2008    Opened Internet shop “Tenugui Yokocho” at Zakka Net   

In 2016  Our company will pass it’s 150th anniversary of the foundation